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Vulnerability assessment of Historical Centers or Towns and safe evacuation in case of an Earthquake


Contexte du projet

Within this activity, cultural heritage will be protected, strengthened, and promoted, as well as human life when visiting these monuments. The main objective of this proposal is the achievement of the convergence between the activities and methods related to the protection and promotion of the monument stock, as well as the promotion of safe evacuation especially in the tourist season, in all involved countries, through a joint implementation. It is based on a previous methodology for pre-earthquake assessment of Historical Masonry Structures, carried out by EPPO (Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization).

Réalisations significatives

Centre européen pour la prévention et la prévision des tremblements de terre - Grèce :

The aim of the second level pre-earthquake assessment is to re-evaluate the ranking of identified vulnerable buildings based on the detailing and evaluation of structural parameters and social criteria. This evaluation goes into more detail than the pre-existing methodology and requires access to all parts of the building, sketches detailing geometry and damage, visual assessment and spot checks of construction materials and basic calculations to quantify the characteristics of indexes without performing an analysis of the structure.

We selected 36 buildings as sample and a scientific committee has carried out the relevant dynamic analysis for 4 representative buildings out of the 36. This analysis has served as a pilot study in order to validate the proposed methodology. A Workshop has also been organised within the stakeholders in order to present the goals we achieved.
Résultats attendus

Résultats attendus année 1

Centre européen pour la prévention et la prévision des tremblements de terre - Grèce :
  • Development of a methodology for a two-stage preseismic control of the monuments, design and production of records for the preseismic control with relevant algorithm and data base that will serve as a tool for future applications in other regions

  • Pilot Case Study in Nafplio, Greece, which contributes to the forthcoming Greek Code and to other Codes of the countries involved, for interventions on monuments

Résultats attendus année 2

Design and production of a software application for the safe evacuation of the Historical Center/Town


Centre universitaire européen pour les biens culturels - Italie

Livrables année 2

Short tutorial for a preliminary rapid assessment of historical built-up areas vulnerability in Naples

Centre européen pour la prévention des risques - Bulgarie

Livrables année 2

Collection and analysis of best practice of emergency planning in the case of man-made natural disasters in Bulgaria, with a focus to public information and involvement in decision-making, taking into account special measures for people with disabilities, children, the elderly, tourists, migrants and other groups of population

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