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The heat waves’ risk and adaptation strategies

Project background

The studies conducted by the CRSTRA under the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement have pinpointed the trend in heat-waves against the background of climate change, highlighting an increase in the length, frequency and intensity of heat-waves since the 1980s. At the same time, the workshops on heat-wave risks and adaptation held by the CRSTRA as part of the activities of the EUR-OPA program (2014-2015) for the various stakeholders involved in dealing with these risks (Civil Defence, health service, National Climate Change Agency (ANCC), etc.) have produced various recommendations.  Some have been implemented; for instance, for the first time in Algeria, alerts have been issued in the media to warn the public about impending heat-waves and the precautions to be taken.   At present, the CRSTRA is developing tools to aid decision-making (heat-wave risk maps for Algeria) and also drawing up an inventory of best practices based on traditional local skills in terms of heat-wave risk adaptation and mitigation.  In addition, the CRSTRA is developing outreach media for national institutions, local authorities and vulnerable population groups (children, elderly persons and persons with chronic diseases).

Project implementation

Centre for Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions Omar El Bernaoui - Algeria :

The aim of this project was to contribute to a better management of heat waves’ risk with its depressive effects on reducing populations and socioeconomic activities.

The main objectives for 2016 and 2017 were:

  • To refine the work already done through a larger network of studied stations (in the hope that other centers around the Mediterranean will participate);

  • The preparation of teaching awareness supports relative to this risk;

  • To translate knowledge into decision support tools.

In order to (expected results):

  • Reactivation of basic climatic data (continuous);

  • Climate Data Buy for other meteorological stations, for a better study of bioclimatic floors:

  • Analysis and data processing;

  • Public awareness with dissemination of developed materials;

  • Predicting the trend of very hot days until 2050;

  • Develop tools to aid the decision.

Most significant achievements

Centre for Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions Omar El Bernaoui - Algeria :
  • New studies concerning heatwaves in Algeria, conducted after the database on ?hot days in Algeria” was updated and new locations were added, clearly show that the number of heatwaves and their duration are rising across the country.

  • The Centre for Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions (CRSTRA) held an education and awareness-raising workshop primarily for children (often accompanied by their parents) and students concerning major environmental issues including heatwave risks. A poster in Arabic entitled ?Heatwaves on the rise in Algeria” was presented at the National Research Fair (SAFEX-Alger (Algeria), 18-21 May 2017).

  • The CRSTRA drew up and distributed awareness-raising material (a leaflet in French) regarding heatwaves and practical responses to them.

  • To determine the ways in which people adapt, the CRSTRA carried out a field survey of the local population in the Saoura region (South-West Algeria), an area strongly affected by heatwaves. The survey made it possible to highlight possible measures to be taken before and during a heatwave.

  • In order to measure the minimum and maximum temperature differences between traditional and modern buildings, and to demonstrate the effects of green spaces, the CRSTRA has put in place sensors for measuring and recording the temperature in the municipality of Beni Abbes in the Saoura region (South-West Algeria).
  • The Algerian Journal of Arid Areas (JARA) dedicated a special issue on heatwaves to the 2014-2015 project. The special issue can be found online on the CRSTRA website.


Centre for Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions Omar El Bernaoui - Algeria

Centre for Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions Omar El Bernaoui - Algeria

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