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Beach and Coastal Resorts Risks

Project background

This project aim to develop and implement seismic, tsunami and coastal risks mitigation. In particular the project intends to contribute for a Tsunami Ready Community working on two programs: a Tsunami Ready Beach (TRB) and a Tsunami Ready Hotel (TRH). Besides, the project also intends to address other risks present on the beach. All involved countries have a large coastal area which beaches are a holiday destination par excellence, and tourists are one of the most vulnerable groups concerning these risks. All the actions to be developed will be done in close collaboration with the local associations and authorities.

Both initiatives (TRB and TRH) have been already carried out partially by the three involved Centres in previous projects. In Lagos (Portugal) tsunami warning and evacuation signs are implemented in a pilot beach. Questionnaires on tsunami risk were also carried on to hotels and beach concessions in Portugal and Morocco. A workshop devoted to these subjects was organized by CERU with the participation of the other 2 Centres.
Expected results

Expected results year 1

European Centre on Urban Risks - Portugal :
Involvement of the local population, associations and authorities on dissemination of tsunami and other beach risks and on the implementation of mitigation measures
  • Awareness of tsunami and beach risks among hotels responsible and beach concessions
  • Awareness of local associations and responsible for safety on the beaches (Maritime Authority and lifeguards) to disseminating information residents and floating population (tourist)
  • Awareness of Tourist Guides and personnel at Tourism Offices
  • Awareness of local and national authorities to implement preventive measures
  • Discuss with the Foundation for Environmental Education the integration of all coastal hazards, and particularly tsunamis, on their program for “Blue Flag” as applied to beaches. This can be done by expanding the article 31 of the criteria.

Expected results year 2

Production of informative documentation on beach risks including mitigation measures. 
  • Promoting training courses and programs in disaster risk mitigation for local associations and tourism professionals.
  • Production and distribution of informative/educational products like posters and leaflets

European Centre on Urban Risks - Portugal

Deliverables year 1

European Centre on Urban Risks - Portugal

Deliverables year 1

Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Evaluation and Prevention of Seismic Risk - Morocco

Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics - Malta

Deliverables year 1

  • Report on desk study on identification of TRB local requirements and identification of relevant actors
  • Report on seminar addressed to lifeguard associations, beach management entities and tourism professionals on risk culture, mitigation and dissemination to present the Tsunami Ready concept and requirements.

Deliverables year 2

  • TRB leaflets and beach signs aimed at raising beach user awareness
  • Report of seminar to present and discuss works carried out by all project partners

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