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European Centre on Urban Risks

European Centre on Urban Risks


The European Centre on Urban Risks (CERU) aims to support and promote studies and research projects to be carried out by the technical-scientific community, in close cooperation with the civil community particularly with the civil protection services at local, regional and national levels. Its main objective is to define a unified strategy and a common framework for the coordination and articulation of different activities through the organisation of:

  • training courses, for professionals and trainers, aiming to provide the necessary tools and means for characterising, analysing and reflecting on the problem of urban risks, in order to develop and encourage the adoption of mitigation measures;
  • symposia and conferences on urban risks to discuss and share knowledge and development of the main scientific and technical contributions made in this field.
  • seminars devoted to the general public, to mitigate the risk and increase their resilience, on: (i) risks information and concerns; (ii) dissemination of the scientific projects results; (iii) training courses in terms of prevention, protection and emergency organisation measures.

The CERU also facilitates the exchange of experiences and knowledge with foreign colleagues, in particular through the development of joint actions with the different centres of the EUR-OPA Agreement.

2016 - 2020

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