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European Centre for Rehabilitation of Buildings

European Centre for Rehabilitation of Buildings


The European Center For Buildings Rehabilitation (ECBR) is part of the National Institute for Research and Development in Constructions, Urban Planning And Sustainable Spatial Development – Urban-INCERC, Bucharest.

The ECBR mission focuses on technical and scientific activities dedicated to:

  • Representing Romania within the framework of the specialised centres of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) of the Council of Europe, through collaboration with other centres, thereby promoting the achievements of Romania and research conducted by URBAN-INCERC;
  • Contributing to buildings rehabilitation, in observance of directives of the Council of Europe and the Agreement. Enhancing and supporting the specific objectives of EUR-OPA through scientific and technical collaboration and dissemination, as well as by other specific programs at national, regional and international level, promoted and financed by the Agreement and by concerned ministries (MDRAP, MCI, MAI-DSU-IGSU) on buildings rehabilitation and risk reduction policies;
  • Disseminating specialised knowledge through public education, for citizens and communities, including school students, to understand the aim of earthquake protection and strengthening, and adequate behaviour during earthquakes;
  • Implementing the National DRR Platform and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

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