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European Centre for Forest Fires

European Centre for Forest Fires


The European Center for Forest Fires (ECFF) was inaugurated in Athens, Greece in 2003. It operates within the framework of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement of the Council of Europe, ratified by Law 2031/92. The General Secretariat for Civil Protection is responsible for the hosting and operating of the ECFF.


  • Large scale forest fires have been associated with climate change and also correlated to health impacts, especially for the vulnerable groups (e.g. the elderly, pregnant women, children, people with disabilities);
  • Monitoring of the forest fire emissions can support decision making for the early evacuation of forest fire affected areas;
  • Enhancement of population’s emergency response may be a shield against certain hazards.


  • Improve population awareness upon disaster risks, focusing on forest (vegetation) wildfires and health impacts of smoke exposure;
  • Enhance preparedness, as well as the coping and adaptive capacity of the communities exposed in order to reduce their vulnerability to forest fires impacts, especially for the vulnerable groups; preparation for evacuation.


  • Exposure assessment of smoke for the population due to forest  (vegetation) fires, or other field fires (health impacts on fire-fighters and civilians);
  • Safety planning upon risks from forest fires or other correlated risks, focusing on vulnerable population;
  • State-of-the art methods and cutting-edge technologies (e.g. field chemical analysis) as a tool for early detection and monitoring of a hazardous environment, as well as calculating exposure to chemicals.

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