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European Centre on Geodynamical Hazards of High Dams

European Centre on Geodynamical Hazards of High Dams


The Centre was created in 1996 for the development of multinational, multidisciplinary approaches to the problems of geodynamical hazards, generated by high dams, including:

i. development and testing of modern methods of multidisciplinary monitoring of local and regional geodynamical processes in the proximity of large dams on the basis of Enguri  Dam International Test Area (EDITA);
ii. mathematical modeling of  geodynamical processes at large dams;
iii. prediction of impending geodynamical events (earthquakes, tectonic deformations, landslides) and prognosis of response of large dams to these impacts;
iv. monitoring of physical-chemical processes  and associated variations in physical properties of foundation rocks;
v. creation of databases of geodynamical observations on large dams;
vi. analysis and generalization (in collaboration with other European centers) of possible natural and manmade hazards and risks, creation of scenarios of possible damage and instructions for public education on what to do in case of alarm, during and after the disaster;
vii. active participation in international, regional and national projects related to major disasters risk reduction and environmental problems;
viii. development of real time automatic telemetric monitoring and early warning systems for control of stability of large engineering objects;

By the funding of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement GHHD realized more than 20 projects, related to above problems, the most important is creation of Real-time automatic telemetric monitoring system of large dams, implemented at large Enguri dam.

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