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About us

EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement is a platform for co-operation in the field of major natural and technological disasters in Europe and South of the Mediterranean. Its field of competence covers disaster risk reduction, in particular; knowledge, prevention, preparedness, risk management and post-crisis analysis.

The main objectives of the EUR-OPA Agreement are to reinforce and promote co-operation between its 26 member States in a multi-disciplinary context to ensure better prevention, preparedness and protection against risks in the event of major natural or technological disasters.

The current priorities of action cover four thematic areas, which are in line with the UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction:

  • Using scientific and technological knowledge to better assess evolving risks and adapt accordingly the resilience strategies.

  • Developing cooperation between the decision-makers in order to concretely define authorities’ role in disaster risk reduction.

  • Promoting risk culture among the population (children, adults and groups with special vulnerability).

  • Fostering the population’s active participation (as individuals and as a community) in disaster risk reduction.

EUR-OPA is supported by a network of scientific centres which develops projects at national and regional level, with the aim of increasing awareness of and resilience to major risks within the population.